[Undying] Downward Spiral Concept Art!

When I woke up this morning, probably one of the last few sunny days in Seattle, I sat down with my coffee and started to sketch. Just something quick and light-hearted, maybe go for a walk. That’s what I told myself as I rummaged through my stash of pencils and pens. Then it hit me: I know what the Downward Spiral looks like! There went most of the day.

As you travel down the Downward Spiral, you shade in one or more of the nightshade petals. Each flower has five petals. Each skull represents a Humanity/Will score. When you’ve shaded in all the petals above the skull, that’s your new Humanity/Will score.

Change from Undying Alpha 2.1: Greater Evils now advances your Downward Spiral by 5 (previously, it was 3), since Nightshade has five petals. This way, you have the same number of Greater Evils to Lost Soul as in 2.1.

About Paul

Full time nerd, part time game designer. Creator of Undying and co-creator of the Regiment.
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2 Responses to [Undying] Downward Spiral Concept Art!

  1. John Harper says:

    Holy shit, dude. That’s awesome. The spiral on the layout I’m doing is not even 1% as cool as that. Wow.

  2. Hamish says:


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