Undying Beta Release!


*Update 6/24/13See Undying 3.1

This is the beta release of Undying, a vampire role playing game of predation and intrigue. Undying is now very focused and concise, tightly integrating a core diceless mechanic while very much keeping to its Apocalypse World roots. The game’s two economies, blood and debt fuel the core struggle with scarcity and leverage.

Status is the prize. There’s no XP in Undying or mechanical advancement for characters. Instead, the advancement occurs in the fiction, supported by the status trait. You set your character’s sights on a goal and overcoming the obstacles – getting there – that’s the reward. Status is the system representation of your achievement and gives it mechanical teeth.

Humanity – a vampire would just be a superhero with fangs and a cape if not for humanity. A character’s humanity trait shapes how the character makes moves related to people and is, in turn, a reflection of how they’ve handled people: feeding, callousness, murder, and so on. Each time play wraps up, the other players vote to decide what your character’s humanity trait will be next time based on their past actions. The feedback loop of the changed humanity trait directly influences future move choices, nudging the character ever toward becoming a lost soul – the point where they are a truly irredeemable monster.

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About Paul

Full time nerd, part time game designer. Creator of Undying and co-creator of the Regiment.
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