Undying Update

Things are coming together! The game is post-development and in pre-production, getting ready for a Kickstarter this summer!



In Case You Didn’t Know…

Undying is a diceless roleplaying game about vampires. Undying combines lean design; with visceral PVP and PVE; and a real-time / downtime split that lets you play moment-by-moment and century-by-century, quickly and seamlessly.

You can find a playtest draft of the game here!


Where I’m At

The game design is complete. The book is written and in editing. Kickstarter video script is drafted, KS page text is in work.


What’s Going On Right Now

I’m working with some awesome designers on stretch goals! There’s some really great stuff brewing, but you’ll have to wait ‘til the project launches to find out!

Also, even more art! Drake Kaiser, my brilliant artist, is working on another round of art for the book. Now, over 40 full page pieces!


What’s Next

When the editing is done – hopefully in a few weeks – I’m going to take a couple of days off work and plow through the comments. Goal: get to done! John Harper, my guru in all things, will work some layout and design magic and help me with the print rep.


When Will You Get A Sneak Peak

Near term, as soon as I get the editing incorporated, I will release a preview with updated playbooks and move sheets as well as basic instructions for play – Lite Undying, if you will. Long term, the text will be available under a creative commons non-commercial license, so you can freely read, play, and hack.


When’s The Kickstarter

Hopefully, June. The biggest challenges to meeting that date are 1) getting the book done 2) getting the financials figured out 3) becoming a dad: my wife and I are expecting at the end of July. So, yeah, exciting times!


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