Expanded Battle Moves

Further updates to the Regiment…

In keeping with Apocalypse World, we now have a draft set of expanded basic – in our case, battle – moves. They have the form: on a 12+, get an even better deal than the “on a 10+” result from the standard battle moves. Some, I’m really happy with, some need more work.

Lost in the fog of war is, hands down, my favorite battle move because, like the Regiment’s version of act under fire, it is a resistance move; but, the consequence is intended to be more profound and painful. In a sense, Lost in the fog of war is the special case of act under fire where “fire” is the confusion and hopelessness of armed conflict. Here are the standard and proposed expanded moves:

When you’re lost in the fog of war, say how you deal with it and roll +guts. On a 10+, you’re okay and you get yourself oriented. On a 7-9, choose one:
– You put yourself in a spot.
– You put your teammates in a spot.

On a miss, it’s the worst possible thing, right now.
Lost in the Fog of War: On a 12+, you’re okay and you get yourself oriented. You may also choose two of the following:
– You slip away unnoticed and are safe, for now.
– You show up later and your absence isn’t immediately suspect, say why that is.
– You set events in motion. Say what you do; the GM describes the consequences of your actions.

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Full time nerd, part time game designer. Creator of Undying and co-creator of the Regiment.
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