The Regiment

Right, so it’s been a thousand years since I last posted. Scratch that, a million years. I’m back with news about the Regiment, the AW hack about soldiers at war by John Harper and me.

Over the course of Go Play Northwest (GPNW), I ran two sessions. I also ran a session at PAX. I think, in my accounting, I may have missed some other times. I know that several of my indie-gaming homies ran play tests. I thank you very much both for the interest and for the feedback.

Which brings me around to the point… I’m working on the Regiment again! A lot of the feedback we got was about the playbooks, so I’ve taken a stab at revising the playbook moves. The goal is to make each playbook have a solid theme reinforced by their playbook moves. While the sniper and the commando appear to be in pretty good shape, it was mentioned several times that the medic and the soldier needed work. So, I started there and re-vamped the officer too. New feature: each playbook now has at least one xp move, which gets you xp above and beyond the basic xp mechanics.

On the subject of playbooks, special thanks to Jason Morningstar for the Partisan, REMF, and Vedette playbooks and to Tony Dowler for his work on the Tank Commander.

Also in the works – my insatiable fetish for MARKET GARDEN is no being focused on the heroic exploits of 2nd PARA, 1st British Airborne Division at Arnhem Bridge. To get things kicked off, I watched A Bridge Too Far. Epic! That was preceded and followed by healthy doses of Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem. So far, I’ve done some homework on the history of the engagement and have written up Day 1. Three more days to go.

About Paul

Full time nerd, part time game designer. Creator of Undying and co-creator of the Regiment.
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