Survived GenCon!

GenCon was great; but, I’m glad to be home. I ran two games of the Regiment and two games of Undying. All four went really well. I got some really useful feedback on Undying and help spread the Regiment’s visibility a bit.

Games on Demand was crazy! I’m really happy it was such a hit; but, at the same time, it was so busy in there that I was a bit overwhelmed. I ran Undying there and I was all set to do the Regiment on Sunday afternoon; but, they were closing up shop when I got there. No harm done, it’s only fair that the folks who put so much into organizing it get to relax and wander through the expo hall.

For the Regiment, we did Red Dawn and Stalingrad. Both were awesome! I will have to explore that more fully. I’ve also been reading T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars, so I’m thinking WWI Arab revolt vs. Ottoman Empire could be pretty awesome.

For Undying, I ran both play tests in Port Royale during the apex of piracy. It was really cool to see how both groups reacted to the same situation differently. I got a lot of useful feedback on the design. Next step: revision.

About Paul

Full time nerd, part time game designer. Creator of Undying and co-creator of the Regiment.
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2 Responses to Survived GenCon!

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    I was at Games on Demand but missed out on the Regiment! I really wish I could crossed paths with you and gotten in a session of it. Maybe next year!

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. I was well-meaning in my intent to run the Regiment at GoD. I did, once… technically; though, it was after they closed up. I flaked out on account of the shinys in the expo hall and the crowds at Games on Demand that kinda took me by surprise. If I’m there next year, I’ll sign up for some time slots for sure.

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